Spa-quality formulas
infuse into layers of the

How does Footlogix work?

Footlogix’s revolutionary Dermal Infusion


  • Allowing the skin to breathe: the soothing, airy, mousse formulas mimic
    the skin’s own composition and do not block the pores;

  • Infusing essential moisturizing and active, nourishing ingredients for
    immediate absorption deep into the layers of the epidermis;

  • Delivering effective results without leaving a greasy outer layer;

  • Gently, naturally exfoliating and hydrating the skin’s surface, thereby
    renewing itself;

  • Increasing elasticity, enabling the skin to become visibly and touchably
    soft and supple;

  • Non-greasy, Socks and stockings can be worn immediately after application

  • Does not wash off in water or soak into clothing

  • Easy to apply and being rapidly absorbed

  • Dispensing from a hygienic applicator, which prevents contamination so
    products can last longer


… So you can wear your strappiest sandals and Dare to go Bare! 

Try Footlogix with Dermal Infusion Technology, for all that ails the skin on your feet!